ICL products are seen as the industry standard and trusted by growers worldwide when it comes to nurturing ornamental crops to peak condition.

Osmoform High N Logo

Osmoform High N is a granulated slow release nitrogen fertiliser.

Osmoform High N is perfect for pot and bedding plant and perennials, providing extra nitrogen, especially required in peat free and peat reduced growing mediums.

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Osmocote Logo

Osmocote – Trusted and innovative controlled release fertilisers developed over
five decades.

Our most advanced, 5th generation, Osmocote fertilisers provide a choice of longevities as well as the way nutrients are released making these products unique.

No matter which Osmocote controlled release fertiliser product is selected, growers can rest assured the highest quality and return on investment will be delivered.

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H2Gro Logo

H2Gro is a unique blend of surfactants formulated into the most advanced wetting agent designed specifically for growing media. H2Gro uses the latest technology to maximise the water holding capacity of substrates for improved wetting-up, spreadability and re-wetting even in water repellent materials.

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Micromax Logo

Micromax Premium is a fine granular fertiliser with trace elements, which are essential in order to obtain optimum plant growth. The unique formula also increases the efficiency of the major elements.

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