At ICL we know that grower requirements vary geographically and from crop to crop, therefore we offer a complete solutions package designed to produce growing media for our customers’ individual needs.

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ICL is the leading provider of custom growing media solutions for ornamental crops in the UK and Ireland. The three pillars, Grow, Nurture, Protect provide the bedrock of our growing media support and our expert team are able to work with growers in order to find the right mix for their cropping situations, we call this our Levington Advance Solutions programme.


ICL utilise the best raw materials available to produce high quality consistent growing media which growers can rely on.

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ICL have cutting edge nutrition technologies used as standard within Levington Advance growing media, including the 5th generation Osmocote, which helps grower produce top quality plants.

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Whether it be protection from pests or diseases, ICL can help provide plant health solutions conveniently mixed within your growing media.

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“The plants are stronger than before and we’re seeing great uniformity - consistency is crucial with any growing media mix.”

Stuart Tickner, Nursery Production Manager Provender Nurseries, Swanley